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Thermal Transfer Products catalogs a broad offering of Fluid Power related heat exchangers (Oil/Water/Air-Coolers) utilized in Mobile, Industrial, Compressor & Process Industries.  And, manufacture custom engineered OEM Engine Cooling Modules (Radiator, Oil Cooler, CAC, and Transmission-Combinations).

TTP5540-IndustryGraphic1a.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic2a.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic3a.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic4a.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic5a.jpg
Mobile Hydraulic Oil Coolers Engine Cooling Industrial Hydraulic Oil Coolers Compressed Air Aftercoolers Process Coolers
TTP5540-IndustryGraphic1b.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic2b.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic3b.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic4b.jpg TTP5540-IndustryGraphic5b.jpg

Standard catalog or Custom, Air to Oil coolers

  • Aluminum extruded tube or plate & bar
  • Copper tube & fin
  • DC & Hydraulic Fan Options

Custom engineered & designed Engine cooling modules for OE equipment

  • Water Jacket Radiators
  • Charge Air Coolers
  • Transmission & Hydraulic Oil coolers

Standard catalog or Custom, Water to Oil coolers

  • Shell & Tube
  • Air-Cooled, AC Fan Drive
  • Copper, Brass, Steel, Stainless, Copper/Nickel

Standard catalog Air to Air and Water to air after coolers

  • Compressed air & Lube oil cooling
  • Water separation
  • Aluminum or Copper

Standard Catalog water to fluid coolers

  • Brazed Plate and Shell & Tube
  • U-Tube Removable Bundle
  • Extensive material availability